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We are all insignificant when it comes to the forces of nature. And more than any one population in the world, I think that Japanese accept this fact.
That’s probably why we don’t see any fighting, looting, rioting, or uncontrolled anger there in spite of the difficult conditions in Northern and Central Japan.

When a tragedy like this strikes, many non profit organizations see it as "fundraising opportunity" and urge people to donate, taking advantage of their sense of helplessness.
We don’t yet have a precise idea of the total damage that the earthquake and tsunami caused, and the funding is not our immediate priority.
What the victims need right now is food, water, blankets, portable heaters – none of which we can deliver.
Even if we were able to deliver these things, the national self-defense organizations would not have the time or the man power to inspect and deliver them.

So, because I believe the money needs to go to the local agencies DIRECTLY, we are contacting the school districts and department of education in Miyagi to help rebuild their schools.
Yes, it is a lot of work, but we do have the facilities to make it happen.
No business deals should come between SIMPLE SINCERITY and PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP.

Your donation and part of the proceeds from the photo sales of T.A.F gallery will go directly to a local school or MIYAGI prefectural government.
You can follow the distribution of your donations on our website, and thanks to you, Japanese kids will have a chance to attend classes in their schools again.